Acoustic emission testing is a non-destructive testing method designed to monitor sound waves emitted during material stress or failure. This condition monitoring method enables inspectors to examine metal deformation under stress and detect the sound of cracks and failures growing within the material.

If you need to detect flaws in metallic pressure equipment, acoustic emission testing is one of the most reliable ways to detect the early stages of stress corrosion cracking. When a material undergoes stress or a series of internal changes such as corrosion, it generates energy from localized sources which produces sound waves.Unlike other non-destructive testing methods, AE testing does not send energy into the inspected pressure vessel but rather detects the energy emitted by the equipment itself. This technique is therefore time-effective because it can be performed during material operation. Acoustic emission testing enables you to monitor and inspect your entire pressure equipment, from tanks to welds. It provides immediate results and early warning of possible damage or failure in pressure equipment as well as solutions to determine the appropriate pressure level.



Early detection of flaws and corrosion cracking.

Inspection and testing of your equipment while in operation.

Significant cost savings for vessels with complex geometries.

Integral non-destructive testing and monitoring of your pressure equipment.

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