Electrical heating of structural steel for expansion

Electrical heating of structural steel for expansion

NDT AND PWHT Solutions offers a full range of heat treatment services through a wide range of temperatures. We utilize both electrical and fuel fired methods as a source of heating with the objective of bringing your project in on time and on budget.

NDT AND PWHT Solutions, Pre and Post Weld Heat Treatment Services With over 10 years of developing heat treatment technology, NDT AND PWHT Solutions is a name you can trust for all of your on-site engineered service needs. We have developed the most sophisticated and reliable Heat Treatment Equipment available for your next Pre or Post Weld Heat Treatment (PWHT) project. Combine our advanced equipment technology with the best trained and most knowledgeable Heat Treatment Technicians in the field today and you have a winning combination that delivers quality results on time and under budget.

On-site electrical heat treatment services include the following :

Welding Preheat.

Post Weld Heat Treatment – PWHT.

Hydrogen Bake Out.

Line Thaws.

Refractory Dry-out’s.

Phenolic Cures.

Coating Cures.

Heat/Shrink Expansion.

Permanent and Temporary Furnaces

Warming Systems.

OEM Equipment Manufacturing.

Calibration & Service.

→Electrical Pre-Heat and PWHT of piping