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With Great Pleasure, We introduce ourselves to you and hoping to have a Long-Standing Business Relationship with You Our Specialized Service. NDT AND PWHT Solutions Pvt Ltd Operates Under Commercial and Industrial licenses.

NDT AND PWHT SOLUTIONS PVT LTD was Established in 2012 as Metallurgical Testing, NDT Testing and PWHT Service Provider to Cater the Requirements of Various Industries in India as well as abroad. The services we provide are of the highest quality to meet the inspection requirements of the modern industries. All the inspection activities are carried out to meet the client requirements in accordance with respective company specification or national/international standards by knowledgeable staff. Our current technological capabilities and field of service are given in various sections.

Metallurgical Testing, Non-Destructive Testing & Post Weld Heat Treatment

Holding multiple NDT and PWHT qualifications, our skilled and experienced technicians, many of whom have been with us for a number of years, are committed to providing a high-quality service and forging long-lasting relationships with our Customers.

We are specialist in Fabrication and mechanical NDT and PWHT Services, General Maintenance, and hire of skilled and unskilled workforce to clients. We have a term of qualified and well-experienced workforce supervised by highly qualified engineering and management professional.

NDT AND PWHT SOLUTIONS PVT LTD, having interests in diversified areas of business development of the kingdom by servicing with the advance technology and ensuring the highest standard of environment.

We are fully aware of needs of our customers and with a flexible organization structures strive to ensure that the needs are always met with. NDT AND PWHT SOLUTIONS PVT LTD has proven capability to put together teams to fulfill any requirement in the areas on its activities entered & engaged. Management has been defined as getting things done through people effectives therefore will be measured by the quality of work produced, NDT AND PWHT SOLUTIONS PVT LTD is quite aware of this fact and takes almost care in selecting people to steer its wheels. Our management team is comprised of highly qualified, well-trained, experienced and competent people.

NDT AND PWHT SOLUTIONS PVT LTD has always been proud of its enthusiastic, energetic and innovation managers who brought this company from scratch up to its present form.

NDT AND PWHT SOLUTIONS on-site Heat Treatment – Setting a new industry standard utilizing the latest in thermal processing technology. NDT AND PWHT SOLUTIONS, the worldwide innovator and leader in comprehensive on-site and online plant and pipeline maintenance continues to set new industry standards by utilizing the latest in thermal processing technology. As the new leader in the heat treating service’s industry, NDT AND PWHT SOLUTIONS has heat treating options from low-voltage systems to high-velocity combustion systems.

NDT AND PWHT SOLUTIONS has developed PLC (Programmable Logic Controllers) and SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) Software to become the leader in thermal processing technology.


Our field PROFESSIONALS are exceptionally qualified and experienced in on-site heat treating services, which is why we’re able to give you fast and correct solutions for any type of heat treatment situation. We manufacture, own and operate the most complete and technologically advanced heat treatment equipment available in the marketplace. Much of the equipment we manufacture is proprietary, is designed by our engineers and built at NDT AND PWHT SOLUTIONS, manufacturing facilities. Our capabilities provide assurance to our customers that we can address virtually every possible heat treatment process regardless of temperature and application. With over 100 employees and 25 field operations officers located across 6 states of India, NDT AND PWHT SOLUTIONS has the ability to meet all of your pre and post weld heat treatment needs. Our highly skilled technicians and advanced technology equipment are available for deployment in your area. We pride ourselves on providing the highest level of service and attention to detail that every project deserves.


The support services division of NDT AND PWHT Solutions Pvt Ltd is basically involved in providing assistance to our various clients to their requirement of technical personnel in a timely and efficient manner through our multidisciplinary services together with the vast experience in petrochemical project.
Support services divisions’ objective is to assist & advice on all aspects of operations to our various clients with qualified, experienced and quality personnel & to meet the requirements through the knowledge and expertise we gained over the past few years. The value of services lies as much in their independence as in their technical competence. Management strategy must be defined and understood. We can provide independent advice an appropriate operations and maintenance strategies and review accountability and authority levels, cost reporting procedures, budget development and control overall system and procedure by management control is expertise.


We will strive to be the facility of choice by continuously improving our services and products. We will provide quality workmanship and competitive pricing that meet our customer’s expectations. NDT AND PWHT Solutions Pvt Ltd aims to provide complete contracting services engineering and equipment rental in various industrial activities, namely for constructions, plant erections and industrial services for both commercial and industrial requirements.

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