Near-field testing (NFT)

Near-field testing (NFT)

Non-destructive testing of tubing and surfaces relies on several techniques, which often depend on the application and the materials involved. By utilizing a single or combination of the following testing technologies, PWHT has all the capabilities to inspect your tubular equipment according to your national and international standards.

NFT NDT can be used to inspect any conducting tubular product, but it is generally considered to be less sensitive than conventional eddy current techniques when inspecting non-ferromagnetic materials. Near Field Testing (NFT) technology is a rapid and cost-effective solution intended specifically for fin fan cooler inspection on carbon-steel tubing. This new technology relies on a simple driver-pickup eddy current probe design that provides very simple signal analysis. NFT is specifically suited to the detection of internal corrosion, erosion or pitting in carbon steel tubing.

Scheduled shutdowns present an opportunity for planned inspection programs which enable continued operation of critical plant equipment by minimizing unexpected failures. Prior to deciding which techniques are most suitable for your needs the following items should be considered: number of tubes to be inspected; cleanliness of tubes and time available for inspection.

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