Radiation Safety Officer(RSO)

Radiation Safety Officer(RSO)

  • Experience: 2 years
  • Qualification: graduate
  • Location: Saudi

Job Description

1) Certified by KA-CARE (King Abdullah City for Atomic and Renewable Energy )
2) Possess relevant Experience in Industrial Radiography.
3) KSA valid driving license will be an added advantage.

1)Ensure the workers are wearing TLD (thermoluminescent dosimeter) badge during the transportation and using of the Radiography Activity.
2)Perform and maintain inventory of radioactive materials
3)Perform wipe/leak test of the sources and send samples to the testing facility
4)Ensure the calibration of the survey meter and NDG
5)Collect and submit the TLD badges from all the radiation workers to the testing agency
5)Review records (e.g. personnel exposure records and leak test records) periodically to assure compliance with rules and license conditions
6)Perform the survey of storage area to ensure the dose rate are within limits
7)Ensure the vehicles used for the transportation equipped with all requirements as per the rules and regulations
8)Provide guidelines to the technician for the safe use of radiation equipment
9)Prepare necessary documents required for the renewal of Radiation Practise License
10)Prepare the document required for the temporary approval for the use of Radiography for the particular project
11)Liaise with the client for the clarification of the radiation safety procedure.
12)Familer with import-export procedure.